Leadxchange is so much more than a tool; is a marketplace platform where Buyers and Sellers of leads can find one another and conduct business in a trusted, open, and monitored fashion. It’s quick, easy, and puts you in charge of the most important part of your business – focusing on your services and goods. LeadXChange is to the Lead Generation industry what Ebay™ and PayPal™ are to online auctions.

We create the platform, the tools, the reporting, and take care of the financial interchange all in one place, allowing you to simply focus on running your business. In the table below you can read more about our services and what they mean to both Lead Buyers and Lead Sellers.

What LeadXChange Can Do:

Services Lead Buyer Lead Seller

Relationship Building

Search and find Lead Sellers who meet criteria important to you.

Search and find Lead Buyers who are looking for the types of services you offer.

Profile Creation

Let Sellers know who you are and what types of leads you are looking for.  You can specify your preferences and the things that are important to you.

Tell Buyers who you are, how long you’ve been in business, the websites you own and operate, the type of leads you generate.  You can specify one or several industries too.

Contract Storage / Repository

You can store your standard agreement in the system which can be electronically accepted by Lead Sellers – or you can upload custom agreement with each or certain lead sellers for easy reference between you and the seller.

You can store your standard agreement in the system which can be electronically accepted by Lead Buyers – or you can agree to use their agreement.  Either way, a copy of the agreement is stored for referral between the buyer and seller.

Data Storage / Repository

Creative that you may want to allow lead sellers to use can be uploaded here including logos, graphics, information about your products or services, etc.

Central location for the Seller to access in order to ensure use of the right creative and information.  Any changes that are made by the Buyer generate an automatic email update to the Lead Seller

Lead Delivery Instruction Repository

Lead Buyers lead posting instructions are documented and stored – both the instructions the LeadXChange uses to post leads into the Buyers database but also the information that the seller needs to post the necessary information to the Buyer through the LeadXChange.  Validation and other necessary criteria is stored here

Sellers can quickly grab the code to place on their websites which are pre-prepared to post into the LeadXChange and onto the Buyer.  You can adjust the code as you wish or you can build your own forms based on the posting criteria given to you by the LeadXChange.  Sellers with small or no technical teams will find that lead forms are no longer a tricky item to build.

Lead Form Builder

Use the powerful lead form builder to build lead forms that you can host on your own site.  We enable a marketing person to build and publish forms that used to be built by your technical teams.  Use them where and however you want.

Sellers are able to use the form builder to build any form they want, whether or not they post information through the LeadXChange or to a Buyer.  For example, you can use the code to build detailed “contact us” forms for your own website.

Landing Page Builder

Build – Test – Promote.  These are the basis for our Landing Page Builder.  We want to enable the marketing team to quickly build and test different landing pages.  Only after finding the winning page would you then work with your tech team to build it out on your current infrastructure.  The idea is to allow you to test and only work with your tech team once you have found something you want to push to production.  Think of all the time and tech resources you’ll save removing that group from the ideation part of testing landing pages.

Lead Management System

The core to the system is the ability to post, receive and report on leads with log in access by both Buyer and Seller.  LeadID℠ is part of the system and through their service and platform any number of third party validation services can be added to your campaigns

Lead Validation

Ensure that leads meet validation standards such as phone number and email screening, address verification, etc.

Ability to use the Buyers screening criteria on your own lead form (through the lead for builder) to ensure correct data is passed before the lead is submitted.

LeadID℠ Compliant   †

Use to verify that leads were created when and how they are represented by Lead Sellers.

For more information about LeadiD℠, click here.

Use to prove your claims of quality to generate better business with lead buyers.  Buyers will often choose to only do business with sellers who provide LeadiD’s with their leads.

For more information about LeadID, click here (takes user to our own internal LeadID page)

Month End Reconciliation

Quickly and easily verify month end billable numbers across a single platform.  Use one interface to calculate across campaign and vendor with roll up and drill down abilities.

Know at any point of the month and at month end what leads are billable to make reconciliation a breeze. 

Invoicing and Payment Service

Approve numbers and receive a single, itemized invoice for all leads purchased with back up supported electronically.

Receive a single payment for all leads generated, on time, for all approved and billable leads.

† Trusted third party technology built into the LeadXChange platform which you may utilize at any time through a direct relationship with LeadID℠.