Who Is LeadiD℠?

Created by Ross Shanken, who spent 12 years on the Executive Management Team at TARGUSinfo, LeadiD℠ was created to give lead buyers a deeper understanding of the intent associated with each lead rather than just validating that the lead data was correct. Ross witnessed the stresses and pains that existed between Sellers & Buyers of leads. A lead with good data (even if validated by outside companies) is not necessarily a good lead because it could be old/recycled, contain data that has been intentionally altered to pass filters (e.g., data validation or dupe filters), be from a consumer that was tricked or incented into filling out a lead form, be oversold, and/or be fake altogether - to name just a few of the problems.

As a result, the current lead market is highly inefficient: Good leads are discounted, and bad leads are subsidized. Good lead sellers cannot realize the true value of their leads, while bad sellers are incentivized to do bad things. Buyers are frustrated with the wasted energy, expense, and opportunity cost of processing bad leads, as well as managing complaints. Good Sellers are frustrated with the bad apples that taint the entire industry’s reputation.

LeadXChange.org supports and endorses the LeadiD℠ mission; therefore each Seller of leads in the network is strongly encouraged to provide a LeadiD℠ along with every lead generated. The service is free for Sellers, and there are fees associated with utilizing LeadiD℠ if you are a buyer and if you wish to receive the LeadiD℠ and tap into the LeadiD℠ database to have visibility into the history and origin of each lead. As LeadiD℠ is a third party service, any relationship between a buyer and LeadiD℠ is created outside the LeadXChange.org system, however the system is engineered to support LeadiD℠ as a core component. To begin utilizing the service you may contact:

John Trionfo

If you choose to not use the service, you will be unable to utilize the LeadiD℠ service even many sellers will offer and pass LeadIDs to the LeadXChange. You may even store these IDs along with the lead data in your database at no charge; however tapping the power of the full service will require a relationship between the buyer and LeadiD℠. Lead Buyers are strongly encouraged to work with LeadiD℠ to maximize their online lead generation programs.